- Photos -

Farm Crawl 2016 is Sunday, October 2nd from 11:00 am 5:00pm

Below are images from each farm - a small sample of the beauty to be enjoyed in person.



Blue Gate - honey



















































Schneider Orchard: apples!
Reichert's Dairy - cheese please!!

Reichert's Dairy - goat in the milking parlor

Blue Gate - fresh cut basil

Schneider Orchard - apple blossoms

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Schneider Orchard - lovely apples

Pierce's Pumpkin: even cows like pumpkins!

Coyote Run:  Petie looking over the garden

Blue Gate - produce

Blue Gate - hens in pasture
Coyote Run - Thanksgiving turkeys

Blue Gate Farm: upper garden and hay field

Coyote Run's refurbished barn