Farm  Crawl  2016

- Maps & Directions -

Sunday, October 2nd from 11:00 am - 5:00pm

Basic Directions
: Below are basic directions to get to the Farm Crawl area from Des Moines and points north or from points south. 
Once near the Farm Crawl "circle" follow our road side signage. 
Further directions to each farm available at every farm.


Interactive map:  We have found that several automated mapping programs such as MapQuest, Yahoo Local Maps, and Google Maps don't accurately locate all of the Farm Crawl farms nor provide the most favorable routes between the farms.  Using the Goggle Maps program, we have created our own map (see below) with specific directions from farm to farm.

Directions from Des Moines and points north:
Take Hwy 5 south past Pleasantville to the four-way stop where
Hwy 5, Hwy 92, and S-45 meet, then:

Option # 1: Go straight onto S-45 southbound. In 9 miles, just north of Melcher-Dallas as the speed limit reduces to 45 MPH, look for Farm Crawl signs. Turn right (west) for Coyote Run Farm or turn left (east) for Reichert's Dairy.

Option #2: Turn left (east) to follow Hwy 5 south / Hwy 92 east to Knoxville. Take the Hwy 14 exit at Knoxville. At Hwy 14 turn right (south).  In four miles you'll see Farm Crawl signs for Reichert's Dairy Air or in ten miles you'll see Farm Crawl signs for Pierce's Pumpkin Patch..

Directions from Chariton and points south:
At Chariton take Hwy 14 north.  In about 14 miles you'll see Farm Crawl signs for Pierce's Pumpkin Patch and Blue Gate Farm.

Directions from Lacona and points west:
From Lacona head east on G-76.

Option #1: About 1/4 mile from town G-76 bends to the north, at that intersection go straight onto the gravel road which is Utah St.  Utah bends to the south-east and becomes 265th Place and then Waterloo St.  You'll see signs for White Breast Pottery and Weaving as well as Schneider Orchard.

Option #2: Continue on G-76. Turn right (south) on 20th Place.  Follow signs to Winding Brook Farm at Bauer Church..










Click here for larger map and detailed directions.

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